Shaar hamayim:
A Jewish learning center


A Contemporary Approach to Traditional Education


Rav Shai Cherry, PhD

 Rav Shai Cherry, Ph.D., serves as the madrikh, or guide, for Shaar Hamayim. Although Rav Shai holds a doctorate in Jewish Thought and Theology from Brandeis University (2001), and served for four years as Mellon Assistant Professor of Jewish Thought at Vanderbilt University, he always remained involved in community education. In 2009, he received rabbinic ordination at the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies at the American Jewish University. Rav Shai is the featured lecturer for The Great Courses' Introduction to Judaism and the author Torah through Time: Understanding Biblical Commentary from the Rabbinic Period to Today. Rav Shai is currently a lecturer at the University of San Diego. 


Hi Octane Learning

Shaar Hamayim promotes Jewish learning as one path of integrating the breadth and depth of Jewish wisdom into our own journeys of walking humbly with, and within, the LORD. Shaar Hamayim offers a Talmud Torah program for 10th-12th graders which will both expose students to the foundational texts of Jewish culture and promote a Yiddishe kop by engaging in the critical thinking exercises of our ancestors but from a modern perspective.  High school credit is available for the San Dieguito Union High School District. We also program educational events and offer curricular consulting.